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So here I am, working from home since it’s Spring Break for my kiddos, and I am quickly reminded why I trek to my local Starbucks for most of my working hours. The distractions are countless!

My youngest wants yet another Netflix choice and needs help navigating the Smart TV via remote control.

The dryer is trilling and reminding me to swap out the laundry.

A text message tells me I forgot that our oldest has baseball practice tonight…and his equipment is in the trunk of hubby’s car.

The cat’s repetitive meowing leads me to discover that his food bowl is empty.

My stomach is growling due to lack of breakfast and all the bowls are dirty in the dishwasher so I need to tend to that.

I hear the mailman’s truck down the street and realize I never addressed a birthday card that must get out today.

The list goes on and on…

At the coffee house my only distraction is what to order. Once I’m in a seat sipping my choice, I’m able to focus solely on my writing. For now, it looks like my writing may need to be put on hold until after Spring Break and until I can get back to my distraction free Starbucks.

Here’s a great article from Writer’s Circle offering five tips and tools to avoid distraction. Do you find any of these ideas helpful?

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