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robyn reynoldsRobyn Reynolds
Soul Proprietor

I am an author, spirit photographer and Reiki healer. In 2013 I finished my first book, Let Them Know…That I am Here, a remarkable story of my partner, Connie’s, and my life after the death of her son, Kyle. The journey was captured through my spirit photography which became the inspiration for my book.

Our grief healing journey was a hard one to travel and I knew that others traveling the same path could be helped by knowing what we learned and how we processed our experiences. I sent out inquiries to most of the major spiritual publishing houses hoping some would be interested. I got one call from a smaller publisher who said she liked the book a lot, but could not do death again.

Some of the big spiritual publishing companies didn’t let me submit my manuscript without having an agent. Knowing how important this work is to me and others who have lost loved ones I looked into agents. Most of them didn’t even bother to send a rejection notice and those that did just sent a general, “We’re not interested in your book at this time,” rejection letter.

I understood that these people and companies had to be concerned with what was going to make them money and that the book had to fit into what they were doing at that time, but I was surprised no one thought this book about managing our grief by connecting to a love one on the other side would make enough money or that it didn’t fit into something any of them were doing.

I realized if I wanted my message, my book, to be available to others on the same path we were on I would have to self-publish it. I went online and looked at a bigger publishing company’s self-publishing division. I read for $8,000 I could have my book published. I went over the list of things they would do for the money and thought they were charging a lot of money for little in return. Plus, they weren’t including any advertising or marketing in their price; that was still on me.

I began to look for independent contractors to format and print my book. I found both on the web that were reasonably priced and were willing to do the book in a timely manner. I hired them and went into the world of publishing.

The first copy of my book was overnighted to my grandmother’s house and Connie and I sat with Grandma as I read her our story. It was magical. It was April 17, 2013. Kyle’s 30th birthday and everyone was there.

But for all that, the book itself was disappointing. The pictures didn’t show well, they didn’t pop like I thought they should. I didn’t know how to make them what I wanted and neither did the woman I hired. I spoke to the printing company and several other companies in the industry I found on line and no one seemed to be able to help me.

In the meantime, on a referral I hired a company to format my e-book. It was a nightmare. They promised ISBN, LCCN and formatting of my book. They met no deadlines, lost payments and converted, not formatted, my book. Additionally, they placed my book for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles without me even looking at the work they’d done. They had misspelled the title, there were blank pages throughout the book, pictures missing, and more. Then they refused to take it down.

I had recently met Cammy Farone at a spiritual seminar in Atlanta and knew she had a graphics design company. I called her on the way to Grandma’s, “I don’t know if you do this, but it’s right up your alley.” Cammy agreed to look at what it took and to get back to me. Several days later we spoke, “It is right up my alley.”

Off we went. We had to redo both the printed book and e-book. The printed book because it turns out it’s easier to start from scratch than to try to make adjustments to someone else’s work and the e-book because hand formatting is important so that everything is where you want it rather than simply using a conversion program and just let things land where they will.

Both the printed copy and the e-book are beyond what I had hoped for. Even having had to pay twice to get what I wanted I paid significantly less than the $8,000 the big guys wanted and I got 250 printed copies of my book in full-color.

Cammy and I knew how to successfully and cost effectively publish books in print and e-book format and that we could do it for many others with the The Traveling Soul Press.

Jessica LaGrossaJessica LaGrossa
Editor and Social Media Manager

I am a writer, editor and social media expert with 13 years combined experience in the journalism and publishing fields, both online and in print. Originally a small town gal from Tennessee, I grew up in the Atlanta area. After marrying my college sweetheart I relocated to Pennsylvania where my husband and I are now raising our son and daughter in the suburbs of Philly.

I became a Traveling Soul at my mother’s insistence that I meet a friend who was starting a publishing company. I was out of work for the first time in my career and looking for my next venture. I was lucky enough to land a job in my chosen field of journalism straight out of college, and remained there for 12 years, moving up through the typical ranks. Now I was looking for not just a job, but a creative and purposeful outlet. An outlet that not only benefits me, but one that inspires those who come in contact with my work. And that’s where Robyn came into the picture.

Sometimes people come into your life exactly when you need them to arrive. After several months of searching for my meaning, my purpose in this new life I was creating for myself, I finally met Robyn. She now tells me that she knew a year out from our meeting that our paths would eventually cross. I am so glad they did. I believe I have found my own purpose here with The Traveling Soul Press, a place for spiritually minded people. I have a lot to learn about the spirit world, but I feel an attraction—a grounding, really—in the knowledge that we are holistic beings with a mind-body relationship. As I open my mind and fill my being with purpose, I look forward to helping others on similar journeys.

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