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What is Your Purpose?


Hello to all of the traveling souls out there!

I came across this photo the other day and it really blew me away. I think most of us struggle with seeking our purpose. Have you found yours?

This photo made so much sense to me. On the outer edges, you see “You Love It,” “The World Needs It,” “You Are Great At It,” and “You Get Paid For It.” How amazing it is when you can bring together all of these outer circles?

Within the outer circles lie “Passion,” “Profession,” “Mission,” and “Vocation.” Take a few moments to think about these topics. How do yours fall within your outer circles mentioned above? Are you missing any of these elements?

And there in the heart of all of these outer and inner circles is “PURPOSE.”

I feel that I am always on my journey to discover my purpose, and feel that my purpose at one point in my life may not necassarily be my purpose in the next phase of my life. Life and your place in it is ever changing!

Take a moment to think about your purpose in your life right now. How is it differnet from your purpose last year? How about three to five years ago? How do you think your purpose may change and evolve in the future?



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