Traditional Publishing Services

The Traveling Soul Press was established to promote the sharing of spiritual growth. We are dedicated to publishing books and novellas that positively impact others, enlighten the mind, touch the heart, embrace love and inspire one another.

We are looking for unsolicited submissions of short and full-length content, non-fiction and fiction to publish under The Traveling Soul Press brand.

Topics we are currently interested in include:

  • Health and Healing
  • Dealing with Loss (Death, Dying, Grief)
  • Personal Purpose and Responsibility
  • Mindfulness
  • Living with Intention
  • Self-help
  • Mind, Body, Soul Connections
  • Inspirational
  • Angels
  • Spirit Guides
  • Spiritual Exploration
  • Fusion of Old Ideologies with New Concepts
  • Ancient Knowledge
  • Spiritually Focused Works

In all, The Traveling Soul Press is looking for books that foster and inspire the power of change individually, communally and globally.

The Traveling Soul Press is dedicated to bringing the best works to light. While all spiritual quests are valuable and worthy of sharing, not all works can be published with us. For these works we offer assistance in self-publishing with distribution at The Traveling Soul Market, a hub for spiritually minded people looking to expand their consciousness.

Your story is needed.

On the Road to Success With The Traveling Soul Press