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As July comes to a close, summer begins to diminish and I look at my list of “to-do’s” with the kids and realize I am way behind. We haven’t visited wild animals at the zoo in the city, haven’t fed carrots to the horses at the equine rescue down the street, haven’t communed with nature in a backyard scavenger hunt, haven’t slept under the stars at a secluded campground. ..and we certainly haven’t kept up with the academic reviews sent home on the last day of school.

Yet on the flip side, the kids have accomplished quite a bit this summer. My son learned how to milk cows and feed calves from a bottle; how to identify deer and raccoon tracks; how to field a grounder; and how to sink a hole in one. My daughter learned how to string sparkle beads to make a necklace; how to make a sailboat from construction paper and a plastic lid; how to locate all of the Fancy Nancy books on the shelf at the library. And they are both making huge strides in the water at their grandparent’s pool. We’ve vacationed at the Jersey shore where we soaked up the sun and strolled the boardwalk.

How often do you look back and realize how quickly time has passed? And do you begin to think about what you haven’t done in that time? It’s easy to rattle off a list of all the things we fail to do. But what about the things we do accomplish? And even better, all the things we can still have time to achieve? My kids have another month before trekking back to school. In that time, we plan to tackle the rest of our to-do list and fit in another vacation.

Stop reminding yourself of the things you haven’t done, be proud of the things you have accomplished thus far, and get started on the things you still want to achieve. Tack up that to-do list! Be proud that you still have things you are working towards—it means you have drive, ambition, and a reason to greet each day with enthusiasm.

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