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Take a Walk & Listen to Your Heart


This morning I joined my 2nd grader and many of his classmates in a national “Walk to School” effort. My son’s excitement over this event has been building for days and he couldn’t wait to meet up with classmates at our community library to make the (minimal) trek to his elementary school. The pomp and circumstance of the event added to the children’s enthusiasm. A formal group photo was taken to commemorate the occasion in the annual yearbook, local police officers lined our walkway to block traffic for safety, and a few police cars parked nearby lit up the morning sky to bring even more attention to the spectacle. Teachers lined the school’s sidewalk, cheering and clapping as the kids made their way into the school to begin their day. I was incredibly proud of my son, all of the children, and our community.

But I couldn’t help but giggle as I chatted with the other parents also making the walk to school. We recalled memories of our own parents and/or grandparents who shared the legendary, “I walked to school, uphill both ways, in the rain and snow…” lecture with us when we were kids. I bet they have a nice chuckle over their grandchildren and great grandchildren getting so excited over a short, leisurely walk to their schools once a year! And it made me think of so many things we see as nostalgic fun today that was simply necessity “back in the day.” Home cooked meals eaten together as a family are a big deal when our hectic schedules allow for them as opposed to the nightly family dinners I grew up with. Handmade quilts are coveted displays in our home when once they were just another layer on my grandparent’s bed. Quiet time spent without electronics usually only happens when the power is out due to acts of nature rather than as intentional time reading, putting together a puzzle, etc. Life is busy, and we keep up…or at least try to. I don’t find it odd that the trends of late lean heavily in the direction of vintage—vintage clothing, vintage home décor, vintage-style weekend festivals.

While we seem to have no idea how to slow down, we yearn for a slower pace. All of that “old stuff” reminds us of simpler times, like when we fell asleep with a book in our hands instead of a glowing tablet. I don’t know about you, but moments such as this morning—finding such joy in a task that was once considered a hardship—reminds me to slow down and to listen to my heart. I need to find more time for me to do the things my soul loves and needs. I need to take the time to pour out the words that bubble up and over within me.

What is your heart trying to tell you? What does your soul love and need? What would you do if you forced yourself to slow down and simply take a walk? Make time to find out.

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