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Spring: Renewing My Motivation


I find it incredibly difficult to find motivation in the winter months. I’m sure there are plenty of creative beings out there who see wonder in every snowflake, who are invigorated by the stark cold, who delve into their art form while cooped up in their warm abode, perhaps by the glow of a crackling fire. While I seem to find enjoyment in the holidays, somewhere around mid-January I go into survival mode. I bundle up on the couch and only leave the house when necessary. The effort of donning the encapsulating full length down coats, gloves, and hats; warming the car before loading us all in; and navigating the treacherous roads covered in snow and ice…it’s just all too much work if you ask me. Yet I go through this ritual repeatedly each day because I have young children who must attend school and various other activities. Honestly, I think hibernation is a far better alternative.

My motivation is currently at an all-time low. I have half written blog posts and barely fleshed out article ideas sitting on my hard drive. My craft supplies have been stuffed into a cupboard, unorganized and untouched for months now. My kitchen is currently in a half-remodel state with an old tile backsplash peeking through the new cottage style beadboard we began installing last month. And let’s ignore the random baskets of fresh laundry that haven’t been put away in their respective drawers and closets. At least I made it through the washing, drying, and folding stages!

Yet I feel the renewal around the corner. The sun is making its appearance earlier in the day and is sticking around later in the evenings. We will spring our clocks forward next weekend, a ritual I eagerly await and carry out every year as my excitement over the new season accelerates. Warmer air, sunnier days, chirping birds…all of the quintessential tell-alls of spring each bring me a renewed interest in life. Want to run to the store for fresh veggies to grill on the deck while sipping ice cold sun brewed tea? Sure! Why not? All I have to do is slip on my flip flops and sunglasses and I’m good to go! Want to open the windows and air out the house? Yes! I’ll write in my journal as the cool wind blows by me and the glow of the sun lights my pages. Want to paint that hand-me-down bureau that’s been stored in the garage? Absolutely! I’ll grab the paint brushes and meet you on the lawn in five minutes, right after I throw on my favorite painting t-shirt and blue jean cut offs!

Everything just takes less effort in the spring, leaving me more energy to put into the things I love. I’m sure it has something to do with the copious amounts of Vitamin D after the prolonged dark of winter. I believe some call it coming out of a seasonal depression. I call it reclaiming my motivation. I’m ready for you spring!

What’s your favorite time of year? Do you find spring to be a time of renewal for your talents and abilities?

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