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Here in Philly, we are desperate for spring. Desperate. We had a quick preview this weekend with a lovely Saturday of 65 degrees and sun. We played outside with the kids and re-energized. Unfortunately, the cold set in once again the next day and by Tuesday snow was falling.  That night as I drove my 7 year old son to his early faith formation class at our church, the ground quickly turned white. From the back of the minivan my son declared, “Mother Nature must be really angry!” I giggled as I completely understood his frustration and the need to pin the deed on someone.  “She controls the weather you know,” he explained, just in case I wasn’t following his rant. “God does too, but he would never do this!”

Whether it’s Mother Nature, God, or some other celestial being or energy, I am in complete agreement with my little guy—the greater power(s) that be who/that care for us would never send more snow!

Thankfully the snow is melting and today the sun is shining. Warmer temperatures are forecasted for the near future. And with this outlook, I feel the promise that comes with spring. The promise of refreshment, re-growth and rejuvenation. I hope that you too are enjoying the new season, or the happy anticipation of it. May you find yourself basking in the sun, and in inspiration!

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