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The Traveling Soul Press is committed to making your vision a reality by providing you with the knowledge, services, tools and support you need to successfully self-publish your book.

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The interior layout of a manuscript, for print or eBook, is critical to your book. A first time author or self-published one may not know about some of the pitfalls in their layout. Do you know about widows and orphans and how they affect the look of your book? It may not seem significant, however, it makes for a messy layout and can interfere with the pleasure your reader takes in reading. The Traveling Soul Press Team will ensure your book looks professional, well-ordered and easy on the eye.

Interior Book Design includes:
Well-ordered layout Table of Contents
Attractive Chapter Titles and Sub-titles Chapter pages
Title page About the Author page
Copyright page For Printed Books – Headers and Footers
Dedication page For eBooks – Linked Table of Contents
Acknowledgments Image / Illustration placement

The cover of your book is the first interaction you have with your readers. It needs to be original and customized to your work and it needs to catch the reader’s eye. Every book produced by The Traveling Soul Press has a custom cover design that reflects and captures the essence of your book. We know book covers sell books and we will design yours to sell.

The Traveling Soul Press designs book covers for ebooks as well as printed books. For printed books we will create a front, back and spine of your cover formatted to your printer’s specifications. For ebooks the cover will be designed to meet popular ereader standards. For all books we provide you with the image of your cover for use in your marketing efforts.

If you are self-publishing your book you’ll want to ensure your book looks like it was published by a traditional publisher. Once you have completed your work the most important step to take is having your work professionally edited and proofread.

A basic edit includes one read of content with tracked changes and comments accordingly.  The editor will be responsible for Spelling, Grammar, Capitalization and Punctuation

An intermediate edit includes two reads of content. The editor will first be responsible for copyediting. After author review, the editor will then compare revised content against original document to ensure revisions and accuracy. The editor is also responsible for the correction of any outstanding typos and will ensure clarity and consistency.

Content Editing:
An advance edit includes copyediting and proofreading plus goes beyond to ensure content is well-organized. The editor is responsible for rearranging paragraphs, light rewriting and the removal of awkward transitions.

To be a successful author in today’s world your book must be available as an ebook. For first time authors our Traveling Soul team will hand code your book to formats compatible with all major ereading devices. For those authors who already have printed books we are able to convert your work into an ebook format so that it maintains the look and feel of its printed version.

Printing services are available. Please contact us for a quote.

We have the resources to help you market your book. A book trailer is a video advertisement for you and your book  and is a perfect tool to add to your sales and branding arsenal. Generate curiosity and interest in you and your book by posting your book trailer on social media sites, blogs and websites and generate higher book sales.

For those who don’t have the time or specialized skills to write a book, we offer ghostwriting services. The neat thing about a ghostwriter is they will write your story and you will get all the credit. If you are interested in using our ghostwriting services to complete the manuscript you’ve been meaning to write, contact us today. We are here to make your dream come true.

The Traveling Soul Press Team knows that writing and publishing a book can be overwhelming for the first time author. The good news is you are not alone in the process. We are here to give you advice and guidance on getting your story published and selling. We can help develop your book, help improve your book and enhance the quality of your book.

As an author it is important to have a consistent and impressionable presence on the bookshelves and on the internet. Selling books is a business and visual branding is key to your success as an author. The Traveling Soul Press Team can help you create a consistent brand to include logos, web site and social media color schemes, taglines, book covers, bio and photo and blog presence.

Every author needs to have a professional website to showcase and market their work, connect and interact to their readers and create a powerful online presence. The Traveling Soul Press website services include registration of your domain name, hosting, email list setup, design and development of your site and search engine optimization.

The Traveling Soul Press is happy to work with you on developing a social media strategy utilizing only the places you like to connect and converse. Social media is a powerful tool for the marketing of you and your book. It’s also one of the easiest, cheapest and most rewarding ways to attract and build your audience. As effective relationship building is at the core of any of successful endeavor, social media is a must for the successful author. Let’s get started today.

The Traveling Soul Market was designed as an avenue for you to share your story with other spiritually minded people looking to expand their experiences and knowledge. You can have a presence at The Traveling Soul Market selling not only your book but all of your spiritual wares.

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