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Saying Goodbye & Staying Connected


Goodbyes are never easy.  Whether it’s a dear friend or a beloved family member, a meaningful part of your life is difficult to let go of. And we all say our goodbyes and deal with our loss in our own way. Some express sorrow with shattering cries while others mourn in quiet reflection. Some hold on, grasping and clutching to memories until they ache in the flesh, while others release their loved ones, gently letting go of the physical because they are able to find a connection to the spirit. And for many of us our loss is felt and revealed through a combination of all of these reactions.

I release my loved ones through words. I have written and shared three eulogies in recent years—for my two grandmothers and my great aunt, all very significant women in my life. Writing is extremely cathartic for those of us who connect with and through words. We are able to put pen to paper and pour out the emotions that well up within us. And for me, it doesn’t stop there. I use words to connect with my loved ones who have moved on. I talk with them while I mindlessly drive around town, while I fold still warm laundry, while I stir bubbling sauce. They are with me. They laugh as I recall my daughter dancing around in nothing but a tutu belting Disney princess ballads. They cheer me on as I reveal my loosely laid plans for the future. They encourage me when I share my need for guidance in raising my creative and complex son.  They are here, and I keep them here through words.

Our own Robyn and her partner Connie had to say goodbye to their oldest cat, Noel E. Cole, this past weekend. Connie’s son Kyle and Robyn picked Noel to join their family 18 years ago. Noel was an important and meaningful part of their lives, and was a special connection to Robyn and Connie’s time with Kyle before he passed. Robyn shared her loss of Kyle and her and Connie’s continued connection to him through spirit photography by writing her book, Let Them Know…That I am Here. And they said goodbye to Noel, and will continue to connect to her, through spirit photography, which you can see here.

We all say goodbye in whatever way is most cathartic for us. If words bring peace to you, share them. Send your words—your loved ones—out into the world.

And please, keep Robyn and Connie in your thoughts.


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