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My Friend Robyn


“You need to meet my friend Robyn.” I heard my mom say this over and over for months. I was out of work for the first time in my career and looking for my next venture. I had been lucky enough to land a job in my chosen field of journalism straight out of college, and remained there for 12 years, moving up through the typical ranks. I covered health care, specifically the rehabilitation field of occupational therapy. I grew to appreciate OT’s holistic approach to medicine and the therapists’ strong belief in the mind-body connection. In essence, OTs feel that while a patient must learn how to properly use, for example, her legs after an injury, that patient must first have a meaningful reason to get out of bed and use her legs before she will ever be ready to truly heal physically.

Meaningful reason. That’s what I was looking for. My husband and two vibrant children are incredibly important pieces of my life and were filling up my days with purpose, but for the first time since I could remember I wasn’t using my mind to fulfill that part of me that yearned to learn and, eventually, teach. And there was my mom, yet again, saying, “You need to meet my friend Robyn. She has a publishing company now and just finished writing her first book.” But I wasn’t ready to figure out my meaningful reason quite yet. I knew I needed it, whatever it may be, but I was still filling up my days with the long to-do list that I had put off for far too long. Painting the powder room, cleaning out closets, sending birthday gifts on time for a change.

Months went by, and before long it was the holidays. My little family of four made the long drive from PA to GA to be with my parents and my sister and her family. While there, you guessed it…mom said, “You need to meet my friend Robyn.” And so I did.

Sometimes people come into your life exactly when you need them to arrive. My to-do list was nearly finished and I was antsy. Robyn now tells me that she knew a year out from our meeting that our paths would eventually cross. I am so glad they did. I found my meaningful purpose here with The Traveling Soul Press, a place for spiritually minded people. I have a lot to learn about the spirit world, but I feel an attraction—a grounding, really—in the knowledge that we are holistic beings with a mind-body relationship. And as eager as I am to learn, I am equally excited to share my knowledge with all of you. Please share your questions with me. Want to know the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing? Want to know how to create an e-book? And what about the pesky Oxford comma? Stick around on this journey with me and I’ll fill you in. We’re all traveling souls searching for meaningful purpose. My friend Robyn is helping me fulfill mine; let me help fulfill yours!

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