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Mockingbird has a Watchman


In my last post, I honored late bloomers in writing and encouraged everyone to remember that it’s never too late to chase a dream and develop a talent, whether for the first time or as a rediscovery. (Read that post here.) Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Harper Lee would be publishing a To Kill a Mockingbird sequel at the age of 88. Go Harper!

Go Set a Watchman will revisit Mockingbird’s Scout who will be returning home from New York as an adult to visit her father in Alabama. Written before Lee’s first and only published novel, Watchman comes five decades later and was thought to have been lost forever. The completed novel was recently uncovered among the author’s belongings at her home despite her belief that it had been lost years ago.

harper lee

Immediately following the news of the sequel, many questioned Lee’s credibility and whether or not she is of sound enough mind to make the decision of whether or not to publish her second novel. How sad that people so quickly assume that an elder cannot process her talent and what she should offer the world in late age. On the other hand, perhaps the reaction could be seen as society looking out for a beloved author. In either case, representatives of the publishing company as well as Lee’s lawyer assure that Lee is indeed of clear mind and is supportive of the sequel’s release.

I truly hope that this discovery and gift to the literary world is a positive one, not only for readers but for Lee herself. We all deserve for our work to be appreciated at any age.

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