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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year


It’s a busy time of year for everyone, and it can be incredibly difficult to carve out time for writing with the hustle and bustle surrounding you. And that’s OK! Taking a break is imperative to refresh creativity. Allow yourself to step away without guilt and to enjoy time with family and friends right now.

As the New Year approaches, most of us begin to commit to resolutions. And all too often, those resolutions roll out in the beginning of the year with a tenacity to see them through to success. By spring, few are even remembered. This year, I challenge you to consider these 10 writer’s resolutions set forth by Ginny Wiehardt, editor, creative writing instructor who currently pens ‘Guide to Fiction Writing’ for

  1. Consistently Make Time to Write
  2. Overcome Your Writer’s Block
  3. Complete an Unfinished Work
  4. Read More
  5. Keep a Journal
  6. Find a Place to Write
  7. Write a Novel
  8. Submit Write
  9. Try a New Genre or Art Form
  10. Be Easier on Yourself

Read more about each of these resolutions at If all 10 of these resolutions seem daunting, choose five to fully commit to and see them through to fruition.

My personal resolution here at Get Write To It is to connect more with each of you out there reading from wherever you may be. It’s my hope that this community can be a place of encouragement and support. It can take as little as a few seconds to leave a comment here. Let us know your thoughts, ask a question, reply to someone else’s comment…get involved! We can inspire and lift up each other. Let’s see each other through 2015! To get us started, leave a comment here sharing which writer’s resolutions you are choosing.

Many happy wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy, productive New Year to all of the traveling souls journeying with us here at The Traveling Soul Press.

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