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Four Eyes are Better Than Two


I began wearing glasses in preschool and learned quickly how cruel kids can be to those of us sporting specs. Therefore, I also quickly picked up the “four eyes are better than two” come back.

Looking back, I clearly see the irony. My preschool playground tit-for-tat was a foreshadow to my chosen profession. Four eyes are better than two, and I learned to put them all to work editing.

No matter how polished a writer is, editing is a very necessary step towards publication. Writing often happens as a stream of consciousness act. Creativity flows freely and, when going well, doesn’t stop for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. That’s not to say that the writer can’t use proper grammar and such, but instead his or her focus is on pouring out the story. And yes, the writer can easily reread their work when finished, and this is an important step in the writing process. This first read through gives the author a chance to catch redundancy, elaborate thoughts, and correct simple mistakes. However, it’s basically impossible for an author to catch every mistake. Our minds are incredibly adept at automatically correcting mistakes. Writers are also personally attached to their work and need the outside perspective in terms of style, consistency, clarity, etc.

As a writer, you need that second set of eyes so that you may present your very best work. Allow your editor to do their job and accept the constructive criticism. Work with your editor. The writer-editor relationship is an important one, and the better the connection, the better the outcome.

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  1. David Alley
    David Alley05-06-2014

    Jessi I love to read your stories. You are so gifted. Love Mom

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