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Bad Day, Good Story

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I have had a few bad days lately. Without getting too personal—only because, frankly, I haven’t the strength nor the time to explain the full story—my sister has fought medical battles one after the other since birth. Now at 32, she is a wife and mother, and a transplant recipient. She received a truly honorable gift 10 years ago, but it is a gift that she must continually care for through harsh drugs. It is those same drugs  that while allowing her body to accept and conform to her “new” organ could have also possibly led to a post-transplant related cancer. One major surgery and an entire week later, we are still waiting for “the news.” My phone is glued to me and every time it rings my heart jumps over the possibility of it being “the news.” I try hard to always be an optimist, but optimism has a way of waning over time. So here I sit, trying desperately to keep myself so busy that I don’t have time to worry, while my sister lies in a hospital bed painfully waiting, physically and mentally. As bad as these days seem, I am reminded that at the end of the day, it truly is “all good.” Because really, we’ve been told for 32 years that “the news” is coming. And yet there she is, the strongest person I have ever had the honor of knowing, holding on and fighting with all she has and then some. In the midst of this incredibly challenging life she lives, I witness the good story, and it’s one that I will share. One that will touch others. One that will be an example of how we must all enjoy the good days we are given and will be a lesson to find ways of discovering the good stories in the bad days. It is THE story I am most afraid of writing, but a story I know I need to share. And I will….someday…but for now, I’m too busy waiting.

What good story are you waiting to write? What bad day has reminded you that it is “all good”?


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