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Are You Still a Writer?


If you are a writer, but aren’t currently writing, are you still a writer?

Does the adage “once a writer always a writer” apply?

Is a parent without a child still a parent?

Is a farmer without a farm still a farmer?

Is a teacher without a class still a teacher?

I say yes. You are who you are. Your core—whether a force currently running hot and fluid or silently stagnant—is your core.

Whether you have a child to rear, a farm to tend, a class to instruct, or a story to write, you are made of what once and will once again drive you; what inspires you; what gives you purpose.

A writer is a writer even during the dry spells. Even without an audience. Even when you feel as if your creativity has run completely dry and you wonder if you will ever again put something out into the world worthy of a reader’s time.

Yes, you are still a writer.

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I am a writer, editor and social media expert with 13 years combined experience in the journalism and publishing fields, both online and in print. Originally a small town gal from Tennessee, I grew up in the Atlanta area. After marrying my college sweetheart I relocated to Pennsylvania where my husband and I are now raising our son and daughter in the suburbs of Philly.

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