About The Traveling Soul Press

The Traveling Soul Press was established by Robyn L. Reynolds as a medium 🙂 for new and established authors to easily and professionally publish their books promoting spiritual growth and transformation.

After designing and producing Robyn’s book, Let Them Know…That I am Here, Cammy Farone joined the press as Director of Creative Services so that she could assist others in creatively and beautifully getting their stories told.

We know a shift to spiritual awareness is in full swing and magical things are happening all over the world. People everywhere are opening to the messages and inspiration spirit is giving and what better way to honor these experiences than to share them.

Both of us are committed to sharing our personal publishing experiences, spiritual understanding, creative abilities, love of life and our humor with every voice that wants to be heard.

We can assist the self-published author with ebook and printed book formatting, custom cover and interior design, image integration, editing, logos, printing, consulting, social media assistance, ghostwriting, and sales. If you have already published your work we offer e-book conversion as well as ecommerce options for you to sell your work to your specific audience. If all this sounds overwhelming, we understand. Contact us and we’ll make it simple for you to get your story told.

The Traveling Soul Press knows our authors have entrusted us with their work and we support them fully. We pride ourselves in the collaborative relationships we have created with our current authors and authors in production and we commit the same to all future Traveling Soul authors.

On the Road to Success With The Traveling Soul Press